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2 Eternities (100/Pack) by Amazing FactsMany non-believers wonder how anyone could worship a God that burns people in hell forever.

But now you can give them the truth with this easy-to-share pocket-sized tract, which reveals God's true loving character! In just a few brief pages, thi

Product Code: BK-2E
ISBN: 9781580194518
Author: Amazing Facts
Price: $8.98

A Trip Into The Supernatural by Roger Morneauby Roger Morneau.
The author of the best-selling Incredible Answers to Prayer tells the powerful story of his divine rescue from the terrifying and deadly world of Satanism!

Product Code: BK-TIS
ISBN: 9780828027991
Author: Roger Morneau
Price: $10.98

Absent From The Body (PB) by Joe Crews                                                               Joe Crews. Provides the irrefutable proof that people don't go directly to heaven or hell when they die. A clear explanation of 2 Corinthians 5:8.

Product Code: BK-AB
ISBN: 9781580190169
Author: Joe Crews
Price: $1.25

Angels, Dreams & Visions by Doug BatchelorPastor Doug Batchelor. Uncover the mystery behind God's heavenly, powerful messengers and their working on behalf of you and your loved ones in this timely, eye-opening message. You'll also discover these spiritual warriors deliver God's supernatural drea

Product Code: DV-E2450
Author: Doug Batchelor
Price: $6.95

Are The Dead Really Dead? by Bill May                                                                Study Guide 10 unveils the keys to unlock the mystery of death.

Product Code: SG-010
ISBN: 9781580192330
Author: Bill May
Price: $0.34

Cities of Ash by Doug BatchelorCities of Ash, study on hell

Product Code: BK-SPN10
ISBN: 9781580190930
Author: Doug Batchelor
Price: $0.30

Grave Errors About Death by Jim Pinkoskiby Jim Pinkoski
This attention-grabbing book gives the Bible facts on what happens after death.

Product Code: BK-GED
ISBN: 9781580190077
Author: Jim Pinkoski
Price: $5.45

Hell-fire: A Twisted Truth Untangled (PB) by Joe Crews                                               Joe Crews. The false doctrine of an ever-burning place of torment controlled by the devil has caused many to stray from God and distrust His loving character. But now you can have biblical evidence against a hell of eternal suffering and punishment and fi

Product Code: BK-HF
ISBN: 9781580190411
Author: Joe Crews
Price: $1.25

Hidden Truth Magazine by Amazing FactsThis magazine presents seven of the most misunderstood biblical subjects in a direct and captivating way heaven, hell, salvation, Sabbath, and more.

Product Code: BK-HT
ISBN: 9781580192675
Author: Amazing Facts
Price: $2.50

Is The Devil in Charge of Hell? by Bill May                                                          Study Guide 11 shares the good news you've probably never heard about hell.

Product Code: SG-011
ISBN: 9781580192347
Author: Bill May
Price: $0.34

Revelations Hell Fire: Revealing Gods Love by Eric FlickingerDive into the Word of God with this inspiring Bible study presentation with Pastor Doug Batchelor, delivered to his congregation at Sacramento Central Church. Whether youre new to Bible study or have lots of experience, youre sure to receive a special ble

Product Code: CD-RP12
Author: Eric Flickinger
Price: $3.95

Scripture Mysteries Documentary Series (5 DVD Set) by Anchor Point Films

Scripture Mysteries Documentary Series (5-DVD Set)

This riveting series reveals the truth of a number of controversial Bible topics. Features top-notch theologians and archaeologistsso you'll better grasp wonderful truths about the Bi

Product Code: DV-SMDS
Author: Anchor Point Films
Price: $81.98

Spirits From Other Worlds (PB) by Joe Crews                                                          Joe Crews. A war between good and evil is raging for your soul. Learn the truth behind the powerful spirits using the earth as their battleground, and how spiritualism and UFOs are playing a major part in these last days.

Product Code: BK-SOW
ISBN: 9781580190671
Author: Joe Crews
Price: $1.25

The Rich Man And Lazarus (PB) by Joe Crews                                                           Dennis Crews. Quickly and biblically explains the often-misunderstood parable found in Luke 16. Does it prove that people go to heaven or hell when they die? What is it really trying to teach us? Find out why knowing the answer means everything!

Product Code: BK-RMAL
ISBN: 9781580192866
Author: Dennis Crews
Price: $1.25

Three Unclean Spirits (PB) by Joe Crews                                                              Joe Crews. This little pocket book identifies the three forces that will set the stage for the battle of Armageddon.

Product Code: BK-TUS
ISBN: 9781580190749
Author: Joe Crews
Price: $1.25

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Is Hell Eternal?

A Tale About Hell

Hell in the Bible

The word “hell” is used 54 times in the Bible. It is translated from several different words with various meanings, as indicated below:

In the Old Testament:

  • 31 times from the Hebrew “Sheol,” which means
    “the grave”

In the New Testament:
  • 10 times from the Greek “Hades,” which means
    “the grave”
  • 12 times from the Greek “Gehenna,” which means
    “a place of burning”
  • 1 time from the Greek “Tartarus,” which means
    “a place of darkness”