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Absent From The Body
Provides the irrefutable proof that people don't go directly to heaven or hell when they die. A clear explanation of 2 Corint...  
Can a Saved Man Choose to be Lost?
Proof that eternal life does not hinge on a single moment of decision. A great book for sharing with anyone confused by the "...  
Grave Errors About Death
Can the dead speak to us? What happens 5 minutes after death? Is the soul immortal? Get answers to these questions and more f...  
Heaven: Is It for Real?
You better believe it! See a glimpse of the place we can all look forward to when Jesus comes.  
What's the real story behind hell? What does the Bible really have to say about it?  
Is It Easier to Be Saved or Lost?
Good News! Salvation is far easier than most people think.  
Remember Lot's Wife
A heart-rending plea to today’s world-loving Christians.  
Rendezvous in Space
There are so many theories and interpretations of the second coming that it’s hard for people to know the Bible truth on the ...  
Satan in Chains
Get an exciting, detailed look at what will take place on the earth during the soon coming millennium. Your questions about t...  
Spirits of the Dead
Biblical proof that the soul is not immortal by nature and explains why it is so important to know the truth. Great for shari...  
The Last Night On Earth
A book that compels readers to ask: “Would I be saved if tonight was my last night on earth?”  
The Rich Man and Lazarus by Dennis Crews
Quickly and biblically explains the often-misunderstood parable found in Luke 16. Does it prove that people go to heaven or h...  


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Hell in the Bible

The word “hell” is used 54 times in the Bible. It is translated from several different words with various meanings, as indicated below:
In the Old Testament:
  • 31 times from the Hebrew “Sheol,” which means “the grave”
In the New Testament:
  • 10 times from the Greek “Hades,” which means “the grave”
  • 12 times from the Greek “Gehenna,” which means “a place of burning”
  • 1 time from the Greek “Tartarus,” which means “a place of darkness”

What is Purgatory?

A tradition held by the Catholic Church that teaches people who are not good enough to be worthy of heaven, but not bad enough to deserve hell, suffer in an intermediary state until their sins are purged.

But is it in the Bible? Click here to learn more.

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