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A Tale about Hell
Many have been telling tales about Hell. It's time to take a hard and sobering look at what the Bible really teaches about this subject.  
Are Both the Soul and Body Destroyed in Hell?
What happens after you die? Do you live after death? What does the Bible say about death?  
Bible Reference for Destruction of the Wicked?
So which is it ? Will the wicked be destroyed or will they be tortured and tormented throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity for the sins of a brief...  
Do Souls Burn Forever?
Does God delight in causing His created beings pain and suffering? Will He burn people forever and ever in hell?  
Does Hell Burn Forever?
Is the wicked suffering in hell or will God have mercy and destroy them completely? Find out now.  
For Whom Will Hellfire Be Kindled?
What is Hell for? What will happen in hell? Why are so many people afraid of it?  
Hellfire Conspiracy Exposed!
Does hellfire go out? What does the BIble say about an eternal burning hell? Is the Devil in charge of Hell? Is Hell burning right now?  
How Many are Being Punished in Hell Today?
Are there people in hell? Are they currently there right this minute? What does the Bible say about this? Find out now.  
What Is Everlasting Fire in the Bible?
Will the fire that destroys the earth last forever? What will happen to the wicked? Does God like to torture people?  
What Is the Final Reward or Punishment?
Is the wages of sin death, or eternal life in a fire? What does the Bible say?  
What Is Unquenchable Fire in the Bible?
Isn't an unquenchable fire a fire that will burn forever?  
When will the Wicked be Destroyed in Hellfire?
What happens when the sinners are cast in to hell? What is hell? How can we be sure we don't get put in hell?  
Where Is Hell Located?
Is hell a dark cavern somewhere deep in the earth?  
Will Hellfire Eventually Go Out?
Will the lost wail and writhe forever in the flames of hell? What does the Bible really teach about this?  


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Hell in the Bible

The word “hell” is used 54 times in the Bible. It is translated from several different words with various meanings, as indicated below:
In the Old Testament:
  • 31 times from the Hebrew “Sheol,” which means “the grave”
In the New Testament:
  • 10 times from the Greek “Hades,” which means “the grave”
  • 12 times from the Greek “Gehenna,” which means “a place of burning”
  • 1 time from the Greek “Tartarus,” which means “a place of darkness”

What is Purgatory?

A tradition held by the Catholic Church that teaches people who are not good enough to be worthy of heaven, but not bad enough to deserve hell, suffer in an intermediary state until their sins are purged.

But is it in the Bible? Click here to learn more.

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