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Three Unclean Spirits (PB) by Joe Crews
This in-depth, easy-to-understand study book helps you identify the three forces that the book of Revelation says will set the stage for the battle of Armageddon. By Joe Crews.

Animated Bible Clips DVD
Need an affordable, effective, and quick way to share vital Bible truth? You’ll love this DVD featuring six premium, truth-packed animated short-form films revealing vital Bible information. These fast-paced, contemporary videos share God’s message about death, heaven, hell, Sabbath, and law and grace in a unique, fun-to-watch way. Designed for the YouTube and Social Media generation—it’s perfect for in-home Bible lessons, sharing on-the-go with friends or strangers, or as part of your church evangelism program. From the Amazing Facts family! Title 1. Truth about the Lord's Day 2. Truth about God's Law 3. Truth on Hell 4. Speeding and Grace 5. Utopia 6. Truth about Death Approximately - 7mins to 9mins each

Final Mystery: The Truth About Death Revealed by Doug Batchelor
Trusted Bible teacher Doug Batchelor invites you on an extraordinary new journey that goes far beyond the grave. He opens the pages of the Bible to reveal crucial forgotten truths about what lies ahead for every person after death, the very same truths about life and death that Jesus taught, and exposes who is behind this massive campaign of misinformation.

Secrets Beyond the Grave by Dwight Hall
Straightforward Bible answers to what happens beyond the grave that every person needs to know. Framed around the heart-touching story of parents who lost their little girl, it ultimately leads every reader to experience comfort and hope about what happens when we die. A must-have book to counteract dangerous delusions growing rapidly today! By Dwight Hall.

Spirits From Other Worlds (PB) by Joe Crews
A war between good and evil is raging for your soul! Learn the truth behind the powerful spirits using the earth right now as their battleground and how spiritualism and UFOs are playing a major part in these last days. By Joe Crews.

The Afterlife Mystery by Amazing Facts
This attractive, full-color magazine provides simple but vital biblical facts to help you decode death, hell, and eternal life amid the confusing deceptions of Satan. It presents powerful lessons about what happens when we die in a captivating, contemporary way.

Is the Devil in Charge of Hell? by Bill May
What you think about hell certainly affects what you think about God's character! Take a few moments to get the amazing facts you need to know today! By Bill May.

Grave Errors About Death by Jim Pinkoski
This attention-grabbing book gives the Bible facts on what happens after death in a graphic-novel style. Great for all ages! By Jim Pinkoski.

Revelations Hell Fire: Revealing Gods Love by Eric Flickinger
Dive into the Word of God with this inspiring Bible study presentation with Pastor Doug Batchelor, delivered to his congregation at Sacramento Central Church. Whether youre new to Bible study or have lots of experience, youre sure to receive a special blessing from Pastor Dougs own personal search for truth throughout the Bible.

Hell-fire: A Twisted Truth Untangled (PB) by Joe Crews
The popular doctrine of an ever-burning place of torment controlled by the devil has caused many to stray from God. Get biblical evidence against a hell of eternal suffering and find assurance in God’s love and mercy. Perfect for sharing! By Joe Crews.


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Hell in the Bible

The word “hell” is used 54 times in the Bible. It is translated from several different words with various meanings, as indicated below:
In the Old Testament:
  • 31 times from the Hebrew “Sheol,” which means “the grave”
In the New Testament:
  • 10 times from the Greek “Hades,” which means “the grave”
  • 12 times from the Greek “Gehenna,” which means “a place of burning”
  • 1 time from the Greek “Tartarus,” which means “a place of darkness”

What is Purgatory?

A tradition held by the Catholic Church that teaches people who are not good enough to be worthy of heaven, but not bad enough to deserve hell, suffer in an intermediary state until their sins are purged.

But is it in the Bible? Click here to learn more.

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